JOMIL GROUP, for almost two decades, has successfully run business in the field of application of modern defense technologies which are used for the production of new, as well as for overhaul and upgrading of combat systems and ordnances intended for use in units of land forces, air force, air defense, navy, police and gendarmerie.

Owing to engagement of technical and financial experts, with decades of experience on works of development and production in the field of defense technologies, JOMIL is one of the leading companies in former Yugoslavia and in region of South-East Europe. For many years JOMIL has achieved very successful cooperation with many countries in regions of Africa, Middle East and Asia in the field of upgrading of production capacities of military industry and military engineering, including transfer of advanced technologies with cooperation with leading European countries in this field.

The president and owner of JOMIL GROUP, which, besides company JOMIL includes several other companies, is General Jovan Cekovic, M.Sc.M.E. (former director of state company for foreign trade of armament and army equipment “Yugoimport-SDPR”) who gained the reputation of world known manager in business of army trade, military equipment and rendering services of military engineering.

Owing to his reputation general Čeković has established very good business and personal contacts with state dignitaries, senior military officials and business partners in many countries of Africa and Middle East which resulted in active engagement of company JOMIL on projects of significance for equipping, modernization and overhaul of armament, military equipment and military engineering in these countries.

JOMIL is oriented towards foreign trade where four basic activities are harmoniously and equally present:
•    Export of armament and military equipment from new production and from stockpiles according to Client’s requests;
•    Implementation of projects of maintenance, overhaul and upgrading of armament which are already in operational use of foreign users;
•    Implementation of projects of military engineering according to requests of foreign investors;
•    Implementation of projects of civil engineering in the Republic of Serbia and abroad.

The companies from JOMIL GROUP have licenses for work from competent ministries of the Republic of Serbia for carrying out above mentioned works.

JOMIL GROUP is a set of economic entities of various activities organized as a holding. Development and profiling of JOMIL GROUP started in 2000 and today company, together with its network of representative offices has a reputation of a reliable partner.

Members of JOMIL GROUP are: JOMIL Ltd., AZIMUTH–DPS Ltd, JOMIL SEME PRODUKT, Ltd., GRAB Ltd. and TOURIST AND RECREATION CENTER ‘’Momčilo Čeković’’. In pursuing good partnerships with companies in foreign countries, these companies are making a profit for themselves and contribute to the economic growth of Serbia. Logistical support for members of JOMIL GROUP is provided by Jomil Ltd. Belgrade, the largest of these groups.

Guided by the managing energy of experienced and successful management team, members of JOMIL GROUP work, grow, develop and protect the future of the group.

The realization of major projects within JOMIL GROUP is made by forming a consortium or engaging highly qualified project managers with well known international experience.

The expertise and creativity of employees and engaged specialists are identified through high professional and technological level of products and services implemented by JOMIL GROUP.

References achieved by JOMIL GROUP, both at home and abroad, offer good prospects and prosperity of the whole group.

JOMIL GROUP is covering many areas of economic activity through various activities of its companies.

•    Design, production, repair and maintenance of industrial facilities in the agricultural, tourism, construction, mechanical, electrical energy, and medical products, as well as for defense technology;
•    Design and construction of the civil and military infrastructure;
•    Design, manufacture and installation of partial products from the renewable energy sources;
•    Transfer of technology (including the implementation of projects “turnkey”)
•    Providing technical assistance and training to investitor’s workers;
•    The production of healthy food and
•    Development of eco-ethno tourism
•    Trade, representation, brokerage and consulting.

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