Azimuth d.o.o


The company AZIMUTH-DPS Ltd, was registered in 2010 with the predominant activity of producing valves and taps, and soon after the main activity was extended to the field of renewable energy and repair components of the process engineering (hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and mechanical devices).

In the year 2012, due to the requirements and in accordance with the newly installed business goals, all the necessary technological preparation were made, creating the conditions for successful work in the development, manufacture and repair of defense technologies. In this way, it was made possible to provide the services in the field of military industry, services for potential foreign partners and service trading companies dealing in arms and military equipment.

• Designing, manufacturing and the reparation of industrial valves and ball valves;
• Designing, manufacturing, assembling and installation of solar systems;
• Designing, manufacturing, assembling and installation of wind turbines;
• Reparation and maintenance of the process equipment;
• Development, production and overhaul of weapon components and military equipment.

To carry out the above activities the company possesses an appropriate machine park and specialized test stands for hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical components as well as specialized staff for these activities.