GRAB Ltd is the youngest and modernly equipped factory for the production of healthy food. Products of factory GRAB are recognizable by quality, attractive packaging, the name and origin: all raw materials are made in the first ecovillage KOŠTUNIĆI.
Plant facilities are equipped with high quality modern equipment. The concept of production is based on a harmonious blend of traditional recipes and modern technological equipment. The application of HACCP system provides continuous control of the receipt of raw materials and all stages of the production process.

• Production of sweet fruit program (jams, marmelades, compotes etc.);
• Fruit juices (apple, raspberry, apricot, etc.)
• Secondary processing of honey;
• Drying of fruits, vegetables and wild fruits;
• Freezing fruits and vegetables;
• Vegetable Pasteurization.
• Production of fruit brandies (plum, quince, apricot, peach, apple);

Additional program – the famous “CEKOVIĆ” flour – type 400, type 500, type 850, white corn flour, yellow corn flour, rye flour, buckwheat flour, whole grain wheat flour, grounded up in Kostunici.

Corporate Social Responsibility – Factory of eco food offers young people work in the homeland and provides certain and secure purchase of fruits and vegetables from local farmers. The factory is a sure buyer and a promising partner for those who want quality Serbian products.
GRAB products are distinguished by quality, attractive packaging, the name and origin (all raw materials and products are made in the first ecovillage KOŠTUNIĆI).
If you are looking for juiciness and sweetness of plants and fruits in the local products which awaken your senses  – your choice is right – enjoy GRAB products.

Your GRAB team