T.R.C. Momčilo Čeković



TOURIST AND RECREATIONAL CENTER ’’Momčilo Čeković’’ Ltd. was established in 2009. It is registered for the activity “hotels and similar accommodation” and it has grown into original eco-ethno tourist complex.

This tourist center is situated in nicely tucked location on the southern slope of the mountain Suvobor in the Rudnik-Takovo district, next to the road Čačak-Valjevo and Gornji Milanovac-Pozega.

Designed as an authentic national mosaic, this center attracts the attention of local and foreign visitors.

Activities offered to visitors:
•    Lake (swimming, walking and sports, spring wells of drinking water)
•    ‘’Cabins’’, ‘’pergolas’’, “vat cabins” and apartments  (accommodation);
•    Ethno restaurants  (domestic homemade food);
•    Wellness (massage i reflexo  therapy);
•    Sightseeing tours (attractive and historic places);
•    Recreational  activities (hiking, biking, hunting and picking herbs).

The tourist centar is an example of preservation of original Serbian style.
Visit it and you will be pleasantly excited knowing how far human creativity reaches.

Your tourist and recreational team